Metalworking in Iron and Stainless Steel

Metalworking in Iron and Stainless Steel

We work with a vast range of metals, such as aluminium, steel, stainless steel, weathering steel and brass.

Thanks to our accumulated experience, we have all the metalworking solutions you may need, such as guardrails, railings, plated doors, swinging gates, sliding gates and folding gates.

Our team has the knowledge and tools enabling you to design or help with the correct design and optimisation of this type of work.

We design and manufacture free-standing and suspended gates (both without tracks on the floor) which help to avoid the problems which arise with traditional sliding gates, especially in industrial use.

In order to provide our Clients with the best possible service, we have chosen to work with partners who can ensure all possible guarantees in terms of quality source materials, as well as treatments (metallisation, galvanisation, painting and lacquering with Qualisteelcoat certification).

We provide full support for the projects in which we are involved, in order to find the optimal solution for our client.



Metallik has 50 years of accumulated experience in the sector of custom-made metal constructions for civil construction. We design, manufacture and install window and door frames and metalwork in public and private buildings. We offer premium solutions for new construction and renovation projects, operating internationally, in compliance with European certification standards.

We have been accredited by ANEPC for the manufacture and installation of FIRE-RATED FRAMES, with Registration No 3353.



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