Fire-Rated Frame

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Fire-Rated Frame


  • One-leaf opening frame system in EI60 steel, white-lacquered, thermal break system (RPT), with simple EI60 glass (indoor use)
  • Measurements: on request
  • Option: EI90
  • Option: EI30
  • Option: E60
  • Option: E30
  • Option: panel filling
  • Option: double glazing (outdoor use)
  • Option: lacquered with colour (RAL) of choice
  • Option: Aluminium

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Category: Frames
Subcategory: Fire-Rated Frames

On Request


Metallik has 50 years of accumulated experience in the sector of custom-made metal constructions for civil construction. We design, manufacture and install window and door frames and metalwork in public and private buildings. We offer premium solutions for new construction and renovation projects, operating internationally, in compliance with European certification standards.

We have been accredited by ANEPC for the manufacture and installation of FIRE-RATED FRAMES, with Registration No 3353.


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